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Note that electronic delivery may not be possible for COBRA beneficiaries, retirees, or employees who don’t have regular computer access at their place of work.

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Sterling was last flat at $1.5808.

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a run for the money in the next campaign, largely, or at least in part, because of the aspersions being

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Even though the people he killed were trying to kill him, it doesn't matter, he still feels remorse and wonders if it should have been him.

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I am surprised she is still calling my name, laying false and malicious allegations and publications against my person

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It contends that the Ordinance is “arbitrary, capricious, and an abuse of discretion.”

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"very disappointed" by the ban and EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule said it marked "a missed opportunity

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Both arrived at the department last night.

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Massaging theprostate, a walnut-size gland responsible for secreting most of the liquidcontained in semen